How to Get From Belize City to Cancun



Story and Photos by: Louie Frias - Our Man On Isla

There are a lot of stories “out there” about how to do it. How it’s been done, etc. I’m here to tell you with a few pics, how we did it. All information and facts are accurate as of August 2013.If you’ve read my posts here on this blog, you’ll see one about how to “get to Belize from Cancun on the ADO”. Well, coming back is the reverse, however, even thought there are less stops, it TAKES 2 hours longer! Go figure.

You’ll start by a visit to the main bus station in Belize City, where you’ll also remember our dear friend “Amin”, the convenience store owner/ADO ticket agent. (It’s cut off, but in this photo, you can actually SEE his name above the telephone number top right… Continue reading


Beautiful Leopard

A leopard at the Abu Dhabi Safari Zoo.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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